Plant Factory

Choose From the Best Plant Factory Equipment at Global Automation Ltd

A plant factory is a controlled environment where plants are grown under precise conditions, including temperature, humidity, and light levels, typically using hydroponics or other soilless cultivation methods. Our expertise in horticulture, agriculture technology, and facility design ensures that every aspect of the plant factory is optimized for maximum yield and quality. At Global Automation Ltd, we help you set up the best plant factory and plant equipment necessary for your desires. Let us discuss how we will help you do this and what we have to offer.

What Does Our Plant Factory Offer?

A plant factory operates as a closed growing system, allowing for consistent yearly vegetable production. By employing artificial control of light, temperature, moisture, and carbon dioxide concentrations, it creates an optimal environment for plant growth. Through our expertise in horticulture and agricultural technology, we guide the design of the facility layout, select appropriate equipment, and implement advanced control systems. We aim to help our clients achieve maximum efficiency and yield in their plant factory operations. We are among the best plant equipment suppliers in the world. Also, we happen to be the best kitchen equipment suppliers.

We Also Supply Materials For Efficient Running

We provide a comprehensive range of supplies, including specialized hydroponic systems, nutrient solutions, growth substrates, and environmental control systems. Our team works closely with clients to assess their requirements and recommend the most suitable products for their plant factory setup. With our extensive network of suppliers and logistics partners, we ensure timely delivery of materials to minimize downtime and maximize operational efficiency. You may be looking for food processing solutions or a warehouse racking system, and we have everything you need. You just have to come and take a look.

Our Solutions are Always Upgradable

Our solutions are designed to evolve with your needs, offering upgradability to adapt to changing requirements and emerging technologies. Whether you’re expanding your operations, incorporating new cultivation techniques, or integrating advanced automation systems, our solutions can be easily upgraded to accommodate these changes. We provide scalable options and modular components that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing setup, minimizing disruption and maximizing flexibility. With our upgradable solutions, you can future-proof your plant factory and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving agricultural industry. We even have services to ensure wheel-type storage racks should you need them.

Additional Materials Required to Run a Plant Factory

From state-of-the-art LED grow lights to advanced climate control systems, we offer everything you need to create the ideal growing environment for your plants. Our expert team works closely with you to understand your requirements and provide customized solutions that optimize productivity and minimize resource usage. Our reliable supply chain and commitment to excellence ensure you have access to the best materials to run your plant factory smoothly and efficiently. We will also help you maintain these materials. 

Warehouses To Store Your Products

A warehouse is one of the most important things required to maintain the integrity of products. We will help you set one up. It is one of our specialities. At the same time, we possess the best storage solutions. Worry not, for your plant will run very smoothly at the end of the day. We are here to satisfy our customers. We have the best systems in place for your satisfaction. Peruse them to your heart’s content, then choose something for yourself. We will always be here to help you with whatever you require.


Our company is located in Dhaka, and our showrooms are in every state of the country. We can also help you set up shop wherever you want.

We offer many products and services, such as food processing and cold storage solutions. Our repertoire of services allows you to get whatever you want.

Yes, we can help you set up a plant factory at a reasonable price. It is within our area of expertise.