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Combo Chiller & Freezer

  • Storage capacity: 150/200/300/400 Liters.
  • 4 size options are available.
  • For keeping foods frozen and displayed.
  • Temperature rage between -18~-22°C.
  • High-performance and energy saving.

Fish Display Chiller

Super Shop Fish Display Chiller Specification

  • Type: Fish Display Chiller
  • Temperature: (-5) ~ (+18) ℃.
  • Inner: stainless Steel
  • Front: PVC plastic
  • Lighting: LED aquarium light syestem
  • Cooling system: Decentralized
  • Temperature control system: Auto
  • Available Size: Length-(2035,2660,3910)mm, Wide 1145mm, Height 906mm
  • Total Display area(m2): 1.56,2.08,3.12
  • Power: 500W, 800W

Glass Door Cold Room in Bangladesh

Wall : PU sandwich panels
Steel Material : Stainless steel or Color
Thickness panel : 75mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm
The thickness of Steel : 0.426mm
Refrigerant : R404 a
Compressor Brand: Monoblocks unit and Bitzer and Copeland
Door type : Sliding door and Hinge door
Door material : Glass Door

Island Display Chiller/Freezer

  • Type: Island Display Chiller
  • Temperature: (-0) ~ (-18) ℃.
  • Inner: Stainless Steel
  • Front: PVC plastic
  • Compressor: Double
  • Available Size: Length-(1570, 2070, 2570) mm, Wide 1070 mm, Height 910 mm
  • Total Display area(m2): 1.1, 1.4, 1.8
  • Power: 500W, 800W

Island Freezer

  • Product Models: ZD18A02-U, ZP14A02-U, ZP21A02-U, ZP25A02-U
  • Innovative Design for Grocery Stores
  • Thermal Insulation with Toughened Glass
  • Intelligent Control System
  • Optimal Efficiency and Power Conservation
  • Power Consumption: 560W, 510W, 570W, 690W
  • Enhanced Visibility with LED Illumination
  • Ideal for Showcasing and Organizing Frozen Food in Bulk

Meat Display Chiller

Super Shop Meat Display Chiller Specification

  • Type: Meat Display Chiller
  • Temperature (-5) ~ (+18) ℃.
  • Inner stainless Steel
  • Front: PVC plastic
  • Cooling system: Decentralized
  • Temperature control system: Auto
  • Top cover: Up to down
  • Available Size: Length-(2035,2660,3910)mm, Wide 1145 mm, Height 906 mm
  • Total Display area: (m2) 1.56,2.08,3.12
  • Power: 500 W, 800 W

Promotion Cooler

Introducing the Promotion Cooler, equipped with a glass door and a temperature range spanning from 0 to -18 degrees Celsius. Tailored for businesses operating in the food, medical, or allied sectors, this cooler emerges as an indispensable asset. Boasting an energy-efficient blueprint and flexible customization, it ensures optimal product preservation while enhancing operational ease. Moreover, its intuitive interface and low-maintenance construction render it a prime investment for businesses seeking to elevate their storage capabilities.

Single Door Dairy Chiller in Bangladesh

[su_heading size="14"]Product Specification:[/su_heading] Product Type: Single door display chiller and freezer. Brand: Linden System: Blower. Origin Country: Malaysia. Gross Capacity: 433 Liter. Dimension: 640mm (W) x700mm (D) x 2070mm (H) Temperature Control: Mechanical

Supershop Island Display Chiller/Freezer-Two Part

Brand : Linden
Size : 2500mm and 3750mm. Also Can be joined together to suit your length requirements.
Wide : 1070mm
Height : 910mm
Temperature : (-18~-21) ℃.
Power : 800W

Three door display chiller and freezer in Bangladesh

Supplier: Global Automation Ltd.
System : Blower
Door : Chiller and Freezer Combined
Origin : Malaysia/Turkey
Dimension : 1878mm (W) x 800mm (D) x 2070mm (H)
Gross Capacity : 1050 Liters (Chiller) and 455 Liters (Freezer)