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Label Printing Scale

Stores that sell goods by weight must possess a reliable weighing scale. While there are different kinds of weighing scales available, the label printing scale stands out as the optimal choice for retail operations. This particular scale not only measures weight accurately but also prints out labels containing essential details such as product weight, price, and barcode. More advanced models may include additional crucial information on the labels.

Supershop Label Printing Scale (Model: CL5000J-C)

Model : CL5000J-C
Brand : CAS
Display : VFD & LCD display
Capacity(Dual Range) : 0 – 30 kg
Connectivity : Wired(Ethernet)

Supershop Label Printing Scale (Model: LP-1)

Capacity(kg): 3/6,6/15,15/30
Readability: 1/2,2/5,5/10
Resolution: 1/3,000(Dual interval)
Display: VFD
Printing speed(mm/sec): 80
Label size(mm)(WxD): 58X30~100
Temperature(˚C): -10~+40
Platter size(mm)(WxD): 400×245
Dimensions(mm) (WxDxH): B: 410x430x197 R: 410x483x585
Weight (kg): B: 9.5 / R: 10.6