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Spiral Dough Mixers

Best Handheld Metal Detector in Bangladesh

Dough Sheeter

Best Commercial Dough Divider in Bangladesh

Best Electric Baking Oven in Bangladesh


Best Planetary Mixer in Bangladesh

Bio-metric Hotel Door Lock with Finger Scanner

Bio-metric Hotel Door Lock

Hotel Locking System With RFID Card

Hotel Room rfid locks.

Vacuum Sealer

Baggage Scanning & Parcel Inspection

Baggage and Parcel Inspection (XIS-7858)

Baggage & Parcel Inspection (XIS-6545)

Multi-energy Small Package & Parcel Inspection (XIS-6040)

Large Baggage and Parcel Inspection (XIS-100X)

Large Baggage Scanner


Dual View Pallet and Cargo Inspection (XIS – 1517DV)

Best Cargo X-Ray Inspection in Bangladesh

Mail & Small Parcel (XIS 5335S)

Small Parcel Scanner in Bangladesh

Supershop Pearl Self-Contained Ice Machine (Model: GEMU090)

Supershop Pearl Ice Maker (Model: GEM0956/0955)

Supershop Pearl Ice Maker (Model: GEM0650/GEM0655)

Supershop Pearl Ice Maker (Model: GEM0450)

Supershop Pearl Ice Machine (Model: GEM1306)

Supershop Flake Ice Maker (Model: MFI1506)

Supershop Flake Ice Maker (Model: MFI1256/1255)

Supershop Flake Ice Maker (Model: MFI0800/805)

Supershop Flake Ice Maker (Model: MFI0500)

Juice dispenser (Model: JD-122)

Juice dispenser (Model: JD-121)

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