Super Shop Unit Head Gondola Rack

Prominent Features of Head Gondola Rack

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Multiple Shelves
  • Choose Color Combination
  • Durable
  • Portable


Product Overview

You have visited many super shops before deciding to own a super shop. We don’t mean that you have always visited to get an idea. We frequently go to the super shop for buying various items. Have you notice one thing, have you seen any super shop where there is no rack? We are sure you never find this type of super shop that is devoid of a super shop rack. The super shop rack is definitely part and parcel of a grocery shop or the super shop. You also see the same rack is not placed everywhere in the super shop. That means, regarding the necessity, the types of super shop rack may differ, right?

The head gondola rack is a type of rack that is a smart presentation of your super shop. You may have many items such as cosmetics, spice, dried food, condiment, or other items. You have to display theses item so that all the customers can find the items easily. There is nothing better than a head gondola rack to display these items smartly. If the items are displayed here, the customers can easily find the items, and they buy the items also. But if you put the items in a congested place where the customers don’t go, then they think the items are not sold here. After that, they go to the other super shop. In this way, you lose customers.

That is the reason you need to have the perfect racks in the perfect places for the relevant product. The design of the head gondola rack is very simple, but it is very suitable for displaying various products, you know. Here you can display any kinds of items which are packet in a plastic, glass or tin pot. Definitely, you can also display here other things, but that doesn’t look as smart as the pot display here.

Prominent Features of Head Gondola Rack

  • Sturdy Construction: The strength of any rack depends on the material that is used to construct. Definitely, there have other factors that are the way of construction. You should know, high-quality cooled steel is used here, and it is made to be very strong.
  • Multiple Shelves: The total number of the shelves of the rack is 5. As the name of the rack is head gondola rack, that is why a shelve is added on the top of the rack. Usually, 4 selves are used, but you can also use the top shelve definitely.
  • Choose Color Combination: The color combination of the rack is very simple but smart looking. The rack comes in bright white and orange color that looks very beautiful, and most of the customers choose this color combination. But if you like another color, we can give you the rack in the color that you like.
  • Durable: Steel construction makes the rack long-lasting, and a powder coating is applied to make the rack more durable. Because of the coating, the rack doesn’t get damaged quickly as the coating prevents the rack from rusting and corrosion.
  • Portable: Install the rack in the most suitable places in your super shop. If you need to redecorate the super shop, it is also easy because the head gondola rack is portable. Change the position of the rack when you need it.


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